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WHICH TYPE OF NECROPSY DO I NEED? We offer both Necropsy & Forensic Necropsy Services.

For additional information on the Forensic Necropsy services, open the following link


Owners, Veterinarians or other Submitters must fill out either a Necropsy or Forensic Necropsy Request form in its entirety & to the best of their ability.

Owners/Submitters MUST provide the name & contact information of a veterinarian (of their choosing) on the Necropsy or Forensic Request Submission Form.

Forms: Can be found at:

  • Forms MUST be SIGNED by submitter whether it is the owner of the pet, the veterinarian, animal services representative, law enforcement representative, etc.

Additional Forms: Forms will be e-mailed to the submitter once the initial request form has been received by the Necropsy or Forensic Necropsy Department

  • Care of Remains Form provides information as to the disposition of remains. A selection must be made prior to the necropsy; form must also be signed.
  • Financial Authorization Form must be signed
  • One Time Authorization Form: When providing a credit card over the phone a One Time Authorization Form must be signed by the person whose name is on the credit card

MEDICAL HISTORY: Include the date of the most recent RABIES VACCINATION. Provide all relevant medical history of the animal prior to death or euthanasia

RECEIVING FINAL RESULTS REPORT: Generally you can expect the final report in 6-8 weeks (or longer) depending on the complexity of the necropsy or forensic necropsy

NECROPSY DEPARTMENT HOURS:    Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm (Normal operating hours)

Drop off arrangements MUST be made with the Necropsy Department prior to bringing an animal in for necropsy


  • YOU MUST contact the necropsy on-call resident by calling (352) 745-6131 prior to leaving for our facility to coordinate drop off arrangements.
  • FEES: An after-hours drop-off fee will be charged. In addition, all applicable necropsy fees will be collected at time of or prior to bringing animal for drop off.
  • LARGE ANIMALS: Necropsy On-Call personnel will meet the client at the Necropsy Building Loading Dock to unload the animal
  • SMALL OR COMPANION ANIMALS: It is best to submit these samples the following business day (Monday-Friday) between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm.

FEES/CHARGES (All fees must be paid at the time of submission): Patients that are being shipped for necropsy must provide a valid credit card over the phone.

  • Disposal charges vary, generally by weight, and will be discussed at the time of submission

ADDITIONAL FEES: Examples of services that may incur additional charges. This list may not be all inclusive of the services:

  • Infectious disease suspect cases (for example, rabies, Eastern equine encephalitis, West Nile virus, etc.)
  • Removal of the spinal cord
  • Legal documentation
  • Cases to document death for insurance purposes
  • Ancillary Testing (for example, bacterial cultures, toxicology testing, etc.)


  • Refrigeration is generally better than freezing; however, this depends on a number of factors (such as shipping methods).
  • Frozen carcasses take additional time to thaw and could increase turnaround time.
  • Freezing creates tissue artifacts on histopathology.
  • Cadavers should be shipped overnight in an insulated container.
  • Samples should be completely sealed in a leakproof container such as an oversized plastic garbage bag, then placed in a hard-sided cooler. See cooler examples below.
  • Samples should be sent on ice packs – NOT ice cubes. Do not place ice packs directly on animals body, but in the secondary container (ice chest/cooler)
  • All paperwork is to be sealed in a Zip-lock bag and included with the body.
  • We suggest the description “Animal Diagnostic Specimens” be used on the shipping label to describe contents of package.

RETURN OF SPECIMEN/ANIMALS: Specimens/animals sent for necropsy will not be returned after the examination. Remains will only be released to registered pet cremation services to prevent accidental transmission of pathogens.

QUESTIONS: For questions about submissions or shipping, please contact the Necropsy Lab at (352) 294-4528 or Central Labs Receiving at (352) 294-4726. Leave necropsy a voice message with your contact information and your call should be returned the same day during normal business hours.

Map to Necropsy Loading Dock:

Click on Map to Enlarge

Examples of Suitable Shipping Containers:

Shipping Container Options
Shipping Container Options
Shipping Container Options
Shipping Container Options

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