Submission Forms

SUBMISSION FORMS: Each area of the diagnostic laboratories has a unique submission form. Please use the correct submission form, otherwise it could delay your results. The submission forms are posted here as Adobe PDF files that will open in a new browser window.  The information provided on the submission form is used to create a customer account (if new) and a patient profile; please fill each space provided.

RESULTS: Your results will be sent via our rDVM Portal, Email and/or Fax.  For assistance our Central Labs Administration Department can be reached at (352) 294-4726 or 

Anatomic Pathology Submission Forms:

There is a form for each service offered by Anatomic Pathology.

Clinical Pathology Submission Form:

For clinical pathology samples, such as hematology, chemistry, cytology (PDF), use this form

Microbiology, Parasitology & Serology Submission Form:

For bacterial cultures, fecal pathogen testing or serology requests, use the microbiology, parasitology & serology submission form (PDF)

Zoo Medicine Infectious Disease Testing

For zoo med information


Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Your feedback is important to us. Please take a minute to complete this survey so that we may continue to improve services for our clients.