Contact Us:  Central Labs Administration 352-294-4726  diagnosticlabs@vetmed.ufl.edu

Do I need to have an account in order to send a sample?
No. When we receive a sample, our central receiving team checks our system to see if your practice has an existing account. If not, they will create one. Please be sure to fill out CURRENT Submission forms https://labs.vetmed.ufl.edu/submission-forms/ completely with your billing address, phone number(s), fax number, email, and preferred method to receives results.

What is the best sample?
Sample requirements for specific tests are described here, and our fee schedule also includes sample requirements for each test. We are happy to provide guidance about appropriate samples for submission.  Please call our central receiving office at 352-294-4726. Our team will either answer your question or connect you with the person that can best answer your questions.

I am taking my samples late on a Friday afternoon, can they sit over the weekend?
Ideally, samples are sent as soon as possible, but our laboratory is not open to receive samples on Saturdays and Sundays. Tissue fixed in formalin can be stored at ambient temperatures indefinitely. Some organisms require a special transport medium in order to be preserved (trichomonads, Mycoplasma, obligate anaerobes) and, even when in specialized transport medium, will only be viable for 24-48 hours. Some tests may be difficult to interpret when run on old samples. Please feel free to call with any questions regarding sample quality and storage, 352-294-4726.

I am an owner. Can I send samples from my pet?
In general, we only accept samples directly from veterinarians because our laboratory tests require their expertise to be interpreted properly. There are some circumstances in which we can perform tests for a pet owner directly, for example, if the veterinarian collects a sample, but does not want to be charged for the test, or if the owner can collect the sample (feces, for example) and plans to give the lab test result report to their veterinarian for evaluation. If you are a pet or animal owner and submit sample(s) to our laboratory, you will be responsible for: All monetary charges that are incurred, assuring your veterinarian submits the proper laboratory submission form completely filled, including all test(s) requested.  You will be required to wait and meet with one of our receiving staff members who will verify sample and documents are correct prior to accepting sample(s).