Shipping Diagnostic Laboratory Samples

                 *For Zoo Med Information/Shipping

Using our current Diagnostic Lab Submission Forms please send samples to:

UF Veterinary Diagnostic Labs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2015 SW 16TH Ave., RM VS-50
GAINESVILLE, FL  32608-1166

We offer a $21.25 FedEx Priority Overnight option for most samples through FedEx. 

Please be sure to use the FedEx Priority Overnight option.  The FedEx Billable Stamp is  for use the use of ONLY our Diagnostic Laboratory clients.
  • Please do NOT use the FedEx First Overnight option.
  • Results for samples shipped using first overnight are not reported any faster, and you will be billed for any additional charges associated with selecting this shipping option.

Please contact our Central Labs Administration office at 352-294-4726 or to find out more about this service or to discuss rates for very large packages.

International samples may only be sent for histopathology, and only after formalin fixation.

  • Please refer to our USDA permit for more information regarding sample processing prior to shipping.
  • Samples must be sectioned to less than 1cm thick and immersed in 10% neutral-buffered formalin for a minimum of 24 hours, with one change of formalin, prior to shipping.
  • A copy of the import permit must be included with the shipment.
  • Samples from bats, non-human primates, or endangered/CITES-listed animals may NOT be sent via this permit.

For any samples requiring immediate processing please contact our Central Lab Administration office for information regarding available options.

General labeling and packaging advice for all samples:

  • Label all samples and include the animal name/ID number, owner’s last name, and sample type/source.
  • For fluid-containing samples, use a leak-proof container and place it inside of a ziploc bag with absorbent material such as paper towels.
  • Include completed submission form(s) inside of a separate ziploc bag to prevent damage from fluid-containing sample leaks. **Incomplete submission forms may cause a delay in accessioning of the sample.
  • Send samples in a cardboard box to prevent them from being crushed during transit.
  • If the sample requires an ice pak, use a styrofoam cooler box inside of a cardboard box.
  • To prevent breakage, pad samples with newspaper, bubble wrap, or other similar material.