Clinical Pathology

The Clinical Pathology Service performs hematology, chemistry, endocrinology, urinalysis, fluid analyses, and cytology tests for domestic and exotic species.

Clinical Pathology Staff

Submitting Research Samples:

To ensure expert processing and testing of your samples, we highly recommended and in some instances require communication with our laboratory prior to sample submission. Please use the guidelines outlined below to determine if prior communication with our laboratory concerning your samples is required. Your research samples and goals are important to us, and we are available to provide information and aid in sample submission in any way we can.

Click here to review our sample requirements.

Contact with laboratory required prior to submission:

For the following situations please contact our laboratory manager at least one week prior to intended submission:

  • Any first time use of this laboratory for analysis of research samples (must contact lab for each new experiment).
  • Submission of five or more samples to be processed on one day.
  • Submission of non-dog/cat samples that require in-house generated reference intervals.
  • Any questions/concerns as to best sample handling/shipment/storage.

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