Tortoise Mycoplasma Testing


FedEx Overnight shipping, Monday-Thursday only


Dr. Mary Brown
University of Florida
Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology
2015 SW 16th Avenue
Rm V2-234
Gainesville, FL 32608

(352) 294-4071

ELISA testing

  • Serum or Plasma, No whole blood accepted
  • Send on Ice Packs
  • We need a minimum of 1/10 of a Milliliter (If sending a minute amount please parafilm top to reduce evaporation)
  • Serum can be stored at -20⁰C to 4⁰C

Culture/PCR Testing

We accept: Nasal Flush (preferable), Swab, and tissues

  • If testing another animal besides tortoise/turtle and/or Tissue, please call in advance to make  sure we can test that sample

Ship on DRY ICE!

  • We know this is a pain but keeping the sample as cold as possible is a must to prevent false negatives
  • If sample is warm on arrival we will call to verify if you’d still like the sample to be tested

Forms and Protocols