Shipping – Zoo Medicine Testing

Ship Samples With Test Request Forms To:

UF Zoo Med Diagnostic Lab
ATTN: April Childress
2015 SW 16TH Ave., Rm. V2-186
Gainesville, FL  32608-1166

Please use the FedEx Standard Shipping option.

Please e-mail April Childress for questions on shipping.

Shipping, Labeling & Packaging

  • NOTE: The UFVH Diagnostic Labs FedEx Billable Stamp option is not available for shipments to this lab
  • All samples should be shipped standard overnight on enough ice packs to keep samples cold/frozen.
  • It is not ideal to ship after Wednesday.  The UF Diagnostic Laboratories is not open on weekends or holidays.  If something happens during a shipment on a Thursday, the sample would sit until the following business day, making the sample unusable.
  • Label the sample and include the animal name/ID number, owner’s last name, and sample type/source
  • For fluid-containing samples, use a leak-proof container and place it inside of a Ziploc bag with paper towels
  • Include completed submission form(s) inside of a separate Ziploc bag (in case of fluid-containing sample leaks)
  • Send samples in a cardboard box to prevent them from being crushed during transit
  • If the sample requires an ice pack, use a Styrofoam cooler box inside of a cardboard box
  • To prevent breakage, pad samples with newspaper, bubble wrap, or other similar material

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