Anatomic Pathology

scopeAnatomic Pathology

The Anatomic Pathology Service provides diagnostic services in the areas of necropsy and surgical pathology of domestic and exotic animals. Additional specialty services are offered by dermatopathology.

  • Dr. Michael J. Dark, Service Chief, 352-294-4138
  • Melissa Brown, Surgical Pathology and Histology Lab Manager, 352-294-4530
  • Patrick Knisley, Necropsy and Disposal Manager, 352-294-4528
  • Dr. Sal Frasca, Aquatic Pathology Service Chief

Surgical Pathology, Dermatopathology, Histology & Necropsy Submissions



Required Sample


Biopsy 1 tissue Tissue in 10% formalin Ambient
Biopsy additional tissues Added to biopsy request Ambient
Dermatopathology biopsy 1-2 tissues Tissue in 10% formalin
Photographs of clinical lesions are welcome
Dermatopathology additional tissue Added to dermatopathology request Ambient
Dermatopathology second opinion Slide of tissue Ambient
Necropsy Please call central receiving at 352-294-4726 for info
After-hours emergency service, call 352-265-0111

Handling and shipping advice for biopsy samples

  • Tissue samples should be completely submerged in 10% formalin.
  • Tissues should be placed in a sufficiently large container so that the sample is not cramped or folded.
  • Large pieces of tissue may be sectioned to ensure adequate formalin-fixing.
  • Very small pieces of tissue should be placed in a plastic tissue cassette or wrapped in a small piece of gauze.
  • An ice pack is not required.
  • Include a completed submission form with billing information, patient information, sample source(s), pertinent history and/or provisional diagnosis, and desired test(s).
    —Use the surgical pathology submission form for most biopsies.
    —Use the aquatic pathology submission form for aquatic animal cases.
    —Use the dermatopathology submission form for dermatopathology biopsies.
  • The required sample type and shipping method for each test is listed above.